Tennis Pros of Atlanta offer a variety of services through their
                 Johns Creek Tennis Academy Programs. Information regarding all of our programs is as follows, but information about specific programs can be found by clicking the respective link under the programs tab

        Player Expectations
  • Our programs are dedicated to shaping attendees into the best tennis player they can be
  • Our programs are coached by Desmond McLennon
  • Our programs are located at the Wellington Tennis Courts
  • Payment should be received the first day of program
  • Sessions canceled due to rain and or inclement weather will be made up
  • Classes missed will not be made up unless a medical note is submitted by parent/player

5 Requirements
  • Respect the game of tennis
  • Respect and listen to your parents
  • Respect and listen to your coaches
  • Respect your equipment and the equipment provided to you
  • Respect the facility

Our Goals
  • Develop the best possible techniques for YOU
  • Know the type of player you are
  • Insure you are physically and mentally ready for every situation
  • Work with YOU to achieve your personal goals and help in any way possible
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